Here are some of the programming languages and technical tools I have experience with.

Microsoft C#

This language is taught at Aalborg University as a way to learn Object Oriented Programming. Therefore, it was an easy goto, when we should decide a language to use for various applications. C# is a language I have a lot of experience with and often use for various applications.


For various projects on Aalborg University, we found Java to be a perfect language to implement our solutions. This includes desktop as well as mobile applications. Much like C#, Java is a language I have a lot of experience, especially regarding Object Oriented Programming.


I have used PHP mostly for personal web projects. My work has also given me experience with various web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery, while also introducing me to coding frameworks, such as Laravel and CodeIgniter.

C programming

I have worked with and also taught other students, in ANSI C programming. While studying at Aalborg University, I took the job as a teaching assistant. Helping new students understand how to code in such a low-level language, really helped both my communication and technical skills.

DB development

Managing and constructing database tables, is something I have had experience with, both while studying and for personal projects. Using relational database design, I have learned how to optimize the number of tables and the structure of these.


While studying in Aalborg, we often used git as version control for our projects. I have a good experience with resolving conflicts and managing multiple branches using git technologies including software like SourceTree.

Agile development

While working in large teams at Aalborg University, we often made use of agile development, to move our project forward. We also used scrum for an entire semester to structure our work.

Working in as team

An important skill, if we want to succeed with a project, is to learn to work as a team. I have learned to solve conflicts, handle risk management and use tools, such as JIRA to help us in the development process.

What do other people say?

Lasse is an extremely hard working person with high standards to his work but also to his own performance. As one of my colleagues during our time at Aalborg University, Lasse naturally embraced a role of leadership, maintaining an overview of the project. He was also not shy of taking the hard talks if there were internal problems. I have been very happy to work with Lasse for three years on six very different projects and hope to do so again when he gets his degree.

For as long as I've known Lasse, he has always had a lot of discipline and ambition. He is structured in his work and well-mannered which makes it very easy to work with him. I say easy, because not only is he good company, but you can be sure that any project where he is involved will have a good outcome. He likes discussions and you will need sound arguments based on well-founded logic if you're set to convince him of anything. This might be a curse as well as a gift, since it can take up time but it always ensures great quality when it comes to software development. I would not be surprised if I see Lasse in some kind of leader position at an IT company someday. I would almost be more surprised if he wasn't. Working with Lasse has been a real privilege, and I would gladly work with him again in the future.

My story

  • First Years

    1992 to 2001

    When I was a little boy my mother gave me a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). That was my first experience with a computer system, I still remember all the fun times I had playing games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. Later my parents bought a PC, which, for me, opened up for a whole new world of learning and curiosity.

  • Elementary School

    2002 - 2009

    In fourth grade, some other friends and I talked about making our own website. It quickly became a competition of who could make the best looking site, with the coolest content. This became my introduction to creating content on a computer for others to enjoy. Within a short time span, I was learning how to make programs in Visual Basic.

  • High School

    2009 - 2012

    In high school, I started learning C#, but the concept of object orientated programming, was hard for me to understand back then. I continuously found limitations to my knowledge. A lot of my ideas was shut down quickly, due to the fact that I had limited ideas of how to approach the problems.

  • Aalborg University

    2013 - 2018

    I started studying Computer Science at Aalborg University in 2013. To be honest, I did not know that I would need to understand that amount of math and a lot of process management in order to achieve my goals, but I enjoy every single part of it!

  • Daily Life

    I live in Aalborg with my girlfriend. I often visit my family in Herning and spend time with friends. When I need to relax, I enjoy watching a good movie or playing a board game, going for a walk or practicing photography.